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TMA - the Talent Company connects organizations with employees and helps more than 500,000 people worldwide to develop their talents, competencies and career with TMA Integrated Talent Management. For HR, Management and Personal Talent Development!


TMA - the Talent Company

TMA Method brings organizations and people together and prompts development by providing insights into people's talents, interests, competencies, and career opportunities. TMA is based on positive psychology and is available for HR and Management.

TMA Talentmanagement bij Gemeente Den Haag

‘Mensen hoeven bij een reorganisatie niet buiten de boot te vallen’Frans van Drielen is HR&O-specialist. Hij werkte bijna twintig jaar bij Gemeente Den Haag, waar hij de drijvende kracht was achter het stimuleren van talentgerichter werken. Hij blikt nu samen met Francisca Schröer van TMA terug op talentmanagement binnen de organisatie.

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We now see how healthy it is to invest more in each other
An accident is in a small corner. They know this better than anyone else at the Emergency Department (ED). Teamwork is important in such a hectic workplace, but the time to reflect is often lacking. By investing in each other through team sessions, the team heads of the emergency department of the St. Antonius Hospital managed to raise the mutual cooperation to a higher level.

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TMA - the Talent Company

TMA Method is the complete Talent Management System based on positive psychology, used for recruitment, selection, development, and career advice. Both for individuals and teams.