Personal Talent Development

Help your employees with TMA Personal Talent Development: if people know where their talents lie, they work best, learn faster, take the initiative, and are the most involved.

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Personal Talent Development

TMA helps your people to take control of personal development in a structured way. Personal and Appropriate!

Get started with workouts for 32 skills. Which? The choice is yours!

Thousands of custom workouts are available for you for all 32 skills.

Become more assertive
Advise Better
Brainstorm better
Better communication
Better communication for a group
Better collaboration
Coaching leadership
Seeing and seizing commercial opportunities
Connect with others
Creative problem solving
Effective development
Writing effectively
Working more purposefully
More effective meetings
Take ownership
To give feedback
Work disciplined
Interviewing for executives
Working in a more customer-oriented way
Think more critically
Show leadership
Showing some guts
Pay more attention to details
Dealing with conflict
Dealing with emotions
Deal with stress
Result-oriented negotiation
Organize your time smarter
Learn smarter
Faster decision making
Steering without power
Talent-oriented leadership
Working on self confidence

Overview of all your talents

If you know your talents, you can work towards solving challenges in your (work) life over again.

Influencing Talents

Check how you prefer to influence other people. Get personal talent advice to deal with your personal interests and those of others even smarter.

Dare more from your talents

Daring to do something seems like a big step, but it often isn't. Learn to dare more using your talents with TMA talent advice.

Me and the group

Most people regularly work in groups. TMA explains how you can improve your talents in mutual cooperation.

Self-starting from your talents

TMA provides an overview of your talents in the field of self-starting and taking initiatives. For each talent, you will receive advice on how to act smarter in this area.

Downside of your talents

Your talents are of great benefit to you and your environment. But you can also overdo with your talents and then they can become more of a disadvantage. TMA gives you an overview of the possible downsides of your talents.

Your communication talents

Learn how to communicate with other people best based on your own talents.

Organizational talents

See how you prefer to organize your work and get advice on how you can improve the organization of your (work) life.


Help employees with thousands of workouts: when people know where their talents lie, they perform better, learn faster, take the initiative, and are the most involved.

TMA 360 Degree Feedback

TMA 360 degree feedback: a dialogue about behavior and skills.

TMA Dashboard

The complete guide to personal talent management with TMA.

Help your employees with Personal Talent Management:

When people know where their talents lie, they work best, learn faster, take the initiative and show the most commitment.

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