TMA Talent Assessment

Insight into talents, motivations, and competencies with TMA

TMA Talent Assessment

TMA Talent Assessment is used by organizations to assess, identify and develop candidates for positions, based on their competencies, abilities, and natural talents.


People are more motivated, effective, and successful in work that is close to their true nature. Using this approach, TMA Talent Assessment makes it possible to obtain an objective, constructive and in-depth assessment of drives, motives, competencies, talents, and development opportunities:

22 Drives
44 Talents
53 Competencies

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As a consultant, you guide your clients in implementing Talent Management.


As an organization, you want to implement the TMA positive psychology instruments and TMA Talent Management Method in your organization.


As a coach, you believe in positive psychology, talent and career possibilities that make the difference for your candidates.

How does TMA work:

Candidates make the online TMA Talent Assessment that measures 53 competencies. TMA Talent Assessment approaches people positively, is unbiased, and offers a lot of insight into people's personalities. The dashboards and reports provide information about people's talents and are written in a development-oriented manner.

In addition, TMA provides advice on the ideal working environment, learning development style, and aptitude for 53 competencies.

Together with the TMA Career Choice assessments and TMA Career Coach, candidates gain insight into the best working environment and available vacancies.