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TMA - the Talent Company connects organizations with employees and helps more than 500,000 people worldwide to develop their talents, competencies and career with TMA Integrated Talent Management. For HR and Management!

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TMA - the Talent Company

TMA Method connects organizations with people and develops talents and competencies by providing insights into talents, interests, competencies and career. TMA is based on positive psychology and available for HR and Management.

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As a consultant you guide your clients by implementing TMA Talent Management. You assume positive psychology.


As an organization you want to implement the TMA positive psychology instruments and TMA Talent Management Method in your own organization.


As a coach, you believe in positive psychology, talent and possibilities that make the difference for the candidates you supervise.

TMA Integral Talent Management

TMA for Management: Talent Experience platform for Managers

Customers and Partners

TMA - the Talent Company Supports Talent for 5000+ companies worldwide!

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TMA - the Talent Company

TMA Method is the complete Talent Management System based on positive psychology, used for recruitment, selection, development and career advice. Both for individuals and teams.

he TMA Philosophy is published worldwide from Utrecht and has been developed since 1999 under the direction of Edwin van IJzendoorn and Bastian Müller.

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