TMA Team Building

The Complete Guide to Team Building.

Everyone has talents, but how do you create a high-performing team from these talents?

It is important that teams work well together. The work of a team must be well distributed so that each team member can perform the tasks well. With the help of TMA Team building, you gain direct insight into the behavioral preferences and talents of all team members.

TMA Team Building



TMA Talent Assessment makes it is possible to get a positive talent-oriented dialogue between the team
members and manager.


Every team wants to achieve results. Does the team have all the necessary talents or should an
additional talent is recruited?

Find out with the help of the TMA Team assessment.


It is useful for a manager to know about the preferences of his team. Adapt management style and development actions to the individual psychological drives, competencies, and talents of the team.


Each team member is different and has their own talents. The overview of team talents makes it possible to divide work easily based on the talents of team members.

What's new in the TMA team assessment?

Insight into Team Talents

insight into the team's talents at a glance. For each drive, you can see what percentage of the team has low, average, and high scores. These are clustered by dimension

Match on Competencies

you can 'match' the team to the competencies you have selected. This way you can see for what percentage of the team members the selected competencies can be developed

Getting started with team members

In order to indicate the function of each team member in the team, the talents and competencies that can be developed are indicated per person. This way you can get started with the individuals within the team

Written advice

the report is supplied with written advice, in order to guide the team sessions better

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"People perform better and are more engaged when they work according to their natural talents!"

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